Hera: Couples Ring

Hera: Couples Ring

  • Hera is the perfect addition to enjoy shared pleasure!  Its innovative touch sensitive vibes will stimulate her whilst enjoying the intimacy of a partner. 

  • Once the toy is switched on it will only vibrate once the sensor comes into contact with the skin.  It will leave flourishes of desire running through the body, driving you to new and amazing sensations. 

  • Use Hera during love making to enhance the level of pleasure. 

  • The clear silicone ring stretches into any size and will sit neatly around him. 

  • The ring will increase the strength and length of his arousal without being too intrusive. 

  • Enjoy being teased, tantalised and caressed externally whilst being pleasured by your partner internally.

  • Awesome touch sensitive feature.

  • Battery operated with 3* C Cell included with your Perlesque product.

  • ABS inner, silicone ring.

  • Length - 5.5cm - width (bullet) 3.5 - silcone case can be stretched a considerable amount.

  • Lubricant will improve your experience
  • This product is not fully waterproof


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