Clio Love Balls
Clio Love Balls

Clio Love Balls

  • Clio are designed to be worn internally! 

  • Use them for pelvic floor training day to day or use them to set the mood for a night of passion! 

  • The feather soft silicone feels delightful against the skin and the delicate ridges create an interesting texture for your body to grip to. 

  • Like traditional love balls Clio contain another ball inside them that moves with your body stimulating the muscles, creating gentle vibrations when you move. 

  • To begin with wear them for an hour or so at home and gentle sway or rock whilst you get used to the feel of them inside you. 

  • Once your confidence builds you can experiment by wearing them for longer periods of time. 

  • Always exciting wearing them when you know you will be coming home eager and full of desire for your partner. 

  • A sure fire way to ensure orgasmic effects during love making and play. 

  • When using Clio ensure you use plenty of lubrication and remain relaxed during insertion. 

  • Always ensure that the retrieval cord can be felt easily.

  • Silicone sleeve.

  • Length – 15cm –Useable length – 7cm – Width – 3cm

  • Clio is fully waterproof.



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